So I was in Maine looking for treats. The weather was MUGGY! Not used to that at all anymore. I wanted to get ice cream because New England does ice cream WAY better then anywhere else in the country. I was so pleased when I found these 2 gems:

  • Gelato Fiasco– This place is awesome and sold throughout the state (as far as I could tell). Locally made in Brunswick, it had unbelievably great sorbets. My favorite was Dark Chocolate Noir. Great flavor, rich, creamy, refreshing, not at all too sweet (which is my biggest issue with sorbet). I was addicted! Other flavors were Low sugar Raspberry, Strawberry Balsamic, Mardarin Matcha, Navel Orange, Maine Wild Blueberry to list a few.
  • M.D.I. Ice Cream– This is made in the lovely Bar Harbor area. I found it in Exchange Street in Portland, Maine. I enjoyed a delicious Vegan Fudgesicle. Rich rich rich and deliciously refreshing. Made with almond milk so it wasn’t icy. Other flavors are Apple Parsley,Blueberry Basil, Blackberry, Grapefruit Tarragon, Lemon Lemongrass, Moscow Mule, Nectarine Champagne, Pear Riesling and Mango Jicama Habanero to list a few.

Check them out and enjoy!