So this is a hard one for me. Being Italian, bread has always been something I straight up love. It’s also one of the things that doesn’t translate well as gluten free. I have searched and searched. They tend to be really heavy and dense. Kinda landing in your tummy like lead. Or they taste good but are full of eggs and sugar. Sort of like the Wonder bread of gluten free.

This is one I thoroughly enjoy. Oh. BTW, Craig, my gluten-full boyfriend, loves it too. He’s gobbling up the loaf I got yesterday  🙂

Happy Campers Gluten Free This company is cooking up (and rockin’) GF and vegan breads locally in PDX area. I believe Tigard. You can find this at the farmer’s market on NE 7th (and maybe others, I am not sure), Alberta Co-op and Whole Foods. I really liked “Party Hearty”. It’s really rich with seeds and whole grains. It also has beet pulp and prune juice which adds vitamins and fiber. This reminds of of a yummy whole wheat or an Anadama bread (a great New England bread, that I loved growing up, made from molasses and rye bread). I spoke with Jan, one of the owners on Sunday at the market. He was so informative and enthusiastic about the product. He said he will be doing webcasts about GF. So go to their FB page and check them out. Their website is also great, easy to navigate and informative.