About Vital Healing LLC

Welcome to my office and shop—an inviting space designed to make patients feel truly seen, heard, and cared for!

Vital Healing LLC - Store Space
Vital Healing LLC - Dr. Candida Schwartz

Located at 488C Main Street in Rockland, Maine, a charming coastal town known as the “art mecca of Maine,” this 19th-century building boasts a spacious waiting room with 14-foot ceilings and elegant hardwood floors.

My office embodies the essence of beauty, art, community, health, healing, inspiration, creativity and wellness. Naturopathic services, Craniosacral therapy, Intuitive readings, Hydrotherapy (and more) are an integral part of the holistic care and connection I am excited to bring to life in this space. It’s not just a place for individual appointments, but is also a space for group meditative clearings and other uplifting events.

In this beautiful setting, I’ve combined my passion for holistic healing with the talents of my incredible friends who create unique art, crafts, salves and my own therapeutic jewelry and oil blends. You’ll find these handcrafted treasures alongside specialty items like supplements, medicinal mushroom bars and chocolates—all integral to my practice and personal life.

So step inside and let’s chat! I’m excited to welcome you to this enriching experience of health care and connection.