I love this blend. I enjoyed it throughout the day as I studied for boards. Great for the student but also for anyone who wants to support memory and concentration. I added a few extra herbs that will support digestion and allergies/liver cleansing. I think this is appropriate as we exit summer, moving into fall. People are getting congested.  It was very supportive and nurturing. Don’t drink it after 2 pm. The rosemary may interrupt your sleep cycle Read more to find out why. Oh, it’s yummy too.

Memory/allergy Tea

2 sprigs of fresh rosemary, chopped (A Nootropic herb. This is great for memory, alertness, concentration. I also wore it in my hair while taking boards)

15  fresh mint leaves, chopped (Cooling and great for digestion and flavor. Can increase heartburn though)

2 Tbl chopped or grated fresh Ginger (Warming, excellent for generating digestive fire, nausea, etc, also increases circulation, metabolism, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, decrease lipids, decreases pain, adds great flavor)

2 Tbl dried Nettles herb, not the root- You can get this in bulk at the health food store. (Alterative herb which means it cleans the liver. By cleansing the liver, you will decrease your allergies. Dries up mucus membranes (anti-allergen). It is a diuretic, also cleansing and clearing for the body.

Frozen berries, cherries

2-3 Tsp Local honey (Great support for allergies. Honey calms the nervous system.)

Boil 1 quart of water, add all of the herbs and let steep at room temp over night. The honey can be added at this time also. Strain and keep in fridge. Then as I poured myself a glass, I would add my berries and cherries instead of ice. We always want to add those anthocyanins. It also made me feel like I was drinking a cocktail.