One of our favorite spots to have an indulgent Sunday afternoon is Astoria, Oregon located at the very tip of the Oregon Coast. The spot where Lewis and Clark finished their great expedition of the west. Also where the mighty Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean. The energy of the town is so charming, historic and interesting. It’s such a special town with so many warm, inviting shops, hotels and restaurants.

The coast is one of my more challenging places to eat GF, egg free and dairy free, much less eat well. This town has so much to offer me, and you 😉 though. The following cafe is one of our favorite places to eat anywhere. The second is a delightful bakery we just stumbled upon that was very enjoyable.

* Columbian Cafe– Located right in the center of town. This place is so so so so so GREAT! Breakfast begins with homemade toast and homemade garlic, cayenne and jalapeno jams. If you’re GF, you get perfectly warmed corn tortilla (honestly the chef, Marco, has the touch with a corn tortilla). Then he will make you whatever you like. Fresh herbs, veggies, nutty rice (with coconut and peanut butter), fresh seafood, chicken sausages…Fresh and Fabulous!!! The joint seats only 21 at a time inside (if my counting is accurate) with a few street side tables. Adan is the server whenever we go. He is so genuinely kind, caring and friendly, with a very sunny and calming disposition. Both are so diligent with what gets brought to the table. There is so much warmth and character in this cafe. It’s been open for 33 years. Marco has been there for most of that time. He is in front of the flat top grill. The man can cook! Farewells from the, I assume, regulars include “I love you”. He loves them back. It’s obvious in the food and within the interactions. It is a seriously one of a kind place. Don’t miss this one.

Just a side note. I have found many places that do alternative cooking well, don’t do mainstream cooking that well. The “regular” food here is great also. The omelets look like silk. So this is a treat for everyone in the family.

Adan (left) and Marco (right) at the Columbian Cafe in Astoria, Or..














* The second place I want to share with you all is the Blue Scorcher Bakery and Cafe. We stumbled across this little beauty one warm summer evening. Now we stop by every time we are there. I am ADDICTED to the Cosmo cookie (pictured below). It is vegan and naturally sweetened (if I remember correctly).  Filled with shredded sweet potato and coconut and dipped in melted chocolate. YUM! I also tried the nourishing bar, filled with nuts and flax, covered in melted chocolate. This one was great because I got some small bits of salt with my sweet. That is always a treat. They do have raw vegan chocolates they call meltaways. I saw hazelnuts, almonds and mint in the variety to choose from. Didn’t try them but they looked great. GF and vegan bread is available in the freezer. They also have GF and vegan pizza. I have yet to try those two though (because I am always too full from the Columbian Cafe written above) so if someone gets there first, give me a shout with your review.