Sexy Raw Sunfire Quartz (Tangerine) Silver Earrings


Must haves! People LOVE this style! It looks and feels great!


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These raw, sexy earrings are AWESOME! The style is GREAT! Must Have!

A bit about Sunfire Quartz (aka Tangerine Quartz)

Quartz, in general, connects us to Spirit and intuition. This added energy from the orange opens the Sacral or Second chakra for creativity from romance to art to fertility.

✨ Stimulates joy, play, and curiosity. It gives us permission to continue growing and learning while staying connected to the inner child.


✨ Helps us release shame from the past. allowing acceptance.

✨ Helps to overcome our imposed limitations.

✨ I encourage you to wear these if you are finding yourself in stressful, dramatic, or chaotic situations. They can help you remain calm and raise your vibration.

All of my pieces are salted and cleansed under the Full Moon. They are then blessed with sage, selenite, and herbs. Wrapped beautifully with a customized letter to the recipient with the healing property of the piece! 🙂

Made from hypoallergenic material and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! 🙂

Additional information


Raw Sunfire Quartz


Silver Filled, Pewter


Hypoallergenic, Hand-Made


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