Healing Prehnite Hand Pounded Sterling Silver Necklace


Thoughtful gift for the empath you love and for anyone in the medical and healing profession.

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VERY SPECIAL PIECE! A MUST HAVE STONE FOR SENSITIVES, EMPATHS & FOR HEALERS! A soft green crystal with naturally occurring Black Tourmaline in it. Great for everyday wear and as a statement piece.

As always, stones are salted, then blessed under the Full Moon. They are always placed on Selenite and smudged with sage and sweetgrass before shipping.

Length- 16 inches.

Stone length- 3 inches.

A bit about Prehnite: “The stone that heals the healer.”

✨ A stone for the 3rd and 4th (solar plexus and heart) chakra. Calming and SO nourishing!

✨ Very intuitive stone. A deep knowing.

✨ Great with boundaries and decisiveness.

✨ Helps with fears, nightmares, phobias. Great for dreaming and memory.

✨ Guides the wearer to understand the disease and symptoms at the root.

NOTE- Black tourmaline is in the stone naturally. This adds strength, power, grounding, detoxifying properties to the stone!

Made from hypoallergenic material and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! 🙂

Additional information


Prehnite, Black tourmaline


Sterling Silver, Silver, Pewter


Hypoallergenic, Hand-Made


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