Sweet Orange Carnelian Silver Earrings


Inspiring, sweet, energizing little gems!


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These 1 1/2 inch fun, everyday earrings are perfect with everything!

A bit about Orange Carnelian

Great for creativity, sensuality, beauty, and self-care.

✨ Also used for fertility and healing reproductive organs, sacrum/hips, and balancing hormonal rhythm.

✨ Heals trauma/abuse.

✨ A stone of good luck especially in money-making ventures.

✨ Can also balance the energy in the body.

✨ So great if you are feeling lethargic.

All of my pieces are salted and cleansed under the Full Moon. They are then blessed with sage, selenite, and herbs. Wrapped beautifully with a customized letter to the recipient with the healing property of the piece! 🙂

Made from hypoallergenic material and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! 🙂

Additional information


Orange Carnelian


Silver Filled, Pewter


Hypoallergenic, Hand-Made


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