Moonstone, Sunstone and Mookaite Antique Brass Necklace

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This balancing necklace connects you to the Earth, Moon and the Sun!

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Connecting the Earth, Sun and Moon with this unique. fun necklace!

Can be worn between 18.5-20 inches. Happy to adjust length at no extra cost!

Lobster Clasp. Hand pounded Antique Brass. Cable chain. The pendant drops 1.75 inches.

A bit about Moonstone-

✨ Very helpful in bringing out your intuition and your inner Goddess.

✨ Helpful with emotions especially around mother and fertility.

✨ This is a stone of clairvoyance. Helpful for any emotional struggles. Calming and nurturing.

✨ It can prevent psychic attacks. It’s balancing and allows you to connect with your own internal rhythm.

A bit about Sunstone-

✨A kiss of sunshine. Remind you to play and heal your inner child.

✨Happiness, laughter, good luck, fortune.

✨Excellent for depression and calling in the light.

✨Great for sacral healing, creativity, anything in the pelvis or 2nd chakra.

✨Warming and uplifting to the heart.

✨THIS stone is MAGIC!


Stones, as always, are salted and then bathed under the Full Moon with Selenite, Sage, and Shungite. I add healing herbs in the box with ribbon and an info card about the piece!

? Made from hypoallergenic material and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE.

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Moonstone and Sunstone


Sterling Silver, Silver Filled


Hypoallergenic, Hand-Made


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