Welcome to Vital Health Clinic!

“My intention is to integrate all aspects of a person to support their individual wellness. I love using my skills and education to help each of my patients and clients upgrade their lives!”

Dr. Candida Schwartz, ND

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is an exciting holistic approach to health care, combining the wisdom of nature with the structure of modern science. Naturopathic physicians are board certified doctors trained to diagnose, treat and manage patients with acute and chronic conditions, while addressing disease and dysfunction at the level of body, mind and spirit. My goal is to integrate all aspects of a person to support their individual wellness.

Craniosacral Therapy

This is an exciting therapy that I wanted to learn and integrate into my practice since before I started NUNM. It combines my intuitive energy work with body work. The therapy is very safe, gentle and extremely effective. Excellent for pain of all kinds, sinus congestion, digestion, anxiety, depression and every ailment you can think of in between. The practitioner is trained to listen to the body with their hands, helping the body find balance. As they find a place of imbalance or trauma, on any level (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), the practitioner follows the body to find its place of healing.

Intuitive Energy Work

This is Dr. Candida’s specialty! How she incorporates all of her skills! She trained with Rev. Liliana Barzola at Lotus Lantern Healing Arts in 2001 and has been giving intuitive treatments since. She was always very sensitive to other people’s energy. A true empath, she harnessed that energy and learned how to read the body, mind and spirit of each client and patient. With this information, she is able clear what no longer serves while guiding the patient into what’s next for them. She feels strongly that people drawn to her work want an upgrade in their lives. She has many tools to help people raise the vibration of their lives!

I love our exciting profession! Collectively, I feel that alternative health care providers are changing health care, as well as, the quality of life of our patients. I spent five years at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR, studying Naturopathy. My goal is to integrate all aspects of a person to support their individual wellness. I hope to support my patients in all aspects of their health from treating the common cold to depression to chronic illness and everything in between. I do this with kindness and respect. Hearing a patient’s personal story is a gift to the physician. I am honored to be welcomed into your lives and be a part of your health care. I would like to also say that I am happy to work with other practitioners on your team.


Vital Jewelry

I love stones. They have offered me so much strength, clarity, and comfort throughout the years. I also love jewelry. It really makes me feel pretty. I started with holding stones in my bra (true story and I still do) over my heart while I was in med school. Then I found my power ring, which I still use today in session and wear daily. I wore a special necklace when I took my board exams for guidance, grounding, and protection.


I feel incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Candida in my life. We met over two years ago at a group Moon Meditation that was so lovely I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to form a relationship with. Since 2018 I have enjoyed many group meditations with Candida as well as several private sessions including the Intuitive Transformation Program. Committing to multiple appointments, as the Intuitive Transformation Program is designed, has been especially beneficial and in fact, has changed the way I approach my spiritual practice.

Working with Candida in the Intuitive Transformation Program has been a gentle (sometimes firm) helping hand to instill confidence, curiosity, and presence into my daily life. This work isn’t always easy, but it is always rewarding and transformative. We sometimes take a deep dive into the current, often existential, state of things going on in my life by asking questions and discussing specific scenarios with curiosity and a sense of playfulness.

Dr. Candida Schwartz is one of those people that I resonated with immediately. She has a fresh approach to her naturopathic practice and is deeply spiritual in her application. Using compassion and her keen intuition she “sees” where and what the trouble spots are for her patients and then gently and skillfully clears them away. Seriously refreshing. My personal experience with her Intuitive Transformation Program was exactly and truly a deep dive into my own healing.