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“I feel incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Candida in my life. We met over two years ago at a group moon meditation that was so lovely I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to form a relationship with. Since 2018 I have enjoyed many group meditations with Candida, as well as several private sessions including the Intuitive Transformation Program. Committing to multiple appointments, as the Intuitive Transformation Program is designed, has been especially beneficial and in fact, has changed the way I approach my spiritual practice. Now, rather than wait to book an appointment when I need a “tune-up” or am on the cusp of a crisis, I commit to regularly scheduled appointments. Not only does it feel good to commit to myself in this way, but the cumulative benefit of regularly scheduled sessions has also had an obvious positive effect on my overall health. I meditate with regularity, sleep better, eat better, and feel much more grounded. While the commitment to personal growth always begins with the individual, each of us needs a support team along the way. Candida is one of those special people to me.”

– K.D.

“Working with Candida in the Intuitive Transformation Program has been a gentle (sometimes firm) helping hand to instill confidence, curiosity, and presence into my daily life. This work isn’t always easy, but it is always rewarding and transformative. We sometimes take a deep dive into the current, often existential, state of things going on in my life by asking questions and discussing specific scenarios with curiosity and a sense of playfulness. Other times we tenderly observe past experiences – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – and through that profound conversation, together we recognize and discuss patterns of behavior and whether or not they are serving the intention(s) that I set at the beginning of the program. With every visit, I feel closer to myself and those around me, as well as feel energetically vibrant and most importantly: reset and with clear vision.”

– T.S.

“Dr. Candida Schwartz is one of those people that I resonated with immediately. She has a fresh approach to her naturopathic practice and is deeply spiritual in her application. Using compassion and her keen intuition she “sees” where and what the trouble spots are for her patients and then gently and skillfully clears them away. Seriously refreshing.

My personal experience with her Intuitive Transformation Program was exactly and truly a deep dive into my own, personal healing. I didn’t want the sessions to end. She held the space for me with an open, loving heart and absolute lack of judgment. Without her kindness and expert assistance I most surely would not have had the ability to face my shadow self.

Dr. Candida is gifted with a calling that I am thrilled that she has had the courage to accept. It is huge work that she is doing and I am delighted to have the opportunity to know her.”

– M.M.

“Working with Candida through her Intuitive Transformation Program has been wonderful! It’s such a rare occurrence to feel so understood without having to say words. And there’s no judgment either. The whole process can be vulnerable and Candida’s skill and graciousness make it possible to dig deep and work through some energetic blockages. During my time in the program, I gained a better understanding of health concerns, underlying beliefs and stories that weren’t serving me, relationship dynamics, and my own intuition as well. Candida is such a gifted intuitive while also being so grounded and having a great sense of humor and playfulness. I can honestly look back to before starting the program and say that I have changed and grown as a person. I have more self-love, a greater sense of wholeness and I think even a better sense of how the world works in terms of energy and spirituality!”

– Heather Shannon, LCPC

“The only words I can use to express Candida are; pure, genuine, dedicated, and extremely gifted. She has not only lifted me up during a time of confusion, fear, and sadness but has helped me reconnect to who I really am as a soul. The doors in my life have flung open and I have walked straight through with a sense of peace, courage, and faith.

I have re-ignited the flames in my relationship when I had just about given up on the man I love. I have reconnected to my creative, joyful, passionate self that was screaming to come out. And I have become more clear and in touch with the work I am meant to do. Literally, my life took a u-turn in a short amount of time. Her work is profound, and life-changing and I am eternally grateful for her.

I highly, highly recommend her to anyone who is searching to enrich and deepen their life and relationships in them. And for anyone who is after something bigger…and better.

Candida is a true joy and being of love.”

-Melissa, New York

“Candida’s intuitive reading is spot-on and life-changing. Her work as a healer is amazing. Not only does she perceive and relay stunningly clear and accurate information, but she also holds the space needed to make profound spiritual, emotional, and physical shifts. During our intuitive sessions, she picks up profound levels of information about my personal history and present health. Not only does she open whole new levels of awareness, but she is able to help facilitate energetic shifts into deeper well-being. Her skill as a naturopath is a perfect complement as she approaches one’s health with a remarkable level of insight, care, and compassion. Candida is an extraordinary naturopath. She offers insightful health and healing regimens that are both manageable and profoundly effective. I trust her completely. She shows great care and compassion in her work, really going out of her way for her clients. I am deeply grateful, and deeply changed, thanks to her wonderful work in the world.”

-Noel Tendick

“I have been to see Dr. Candida for a variety of ailments from a bug bite to high blood pressure, as well as for routine lab work. She has a kind and caring demeanor that makes me feel at ease when discussing my health issues. Appointments with her are very thorough and not rushed. She listens and is thoughtful when explaining possible options and remedies. I trust that she truly cares about my health and has my best interest in mind. I also appreciate that she takes the time to follow up with me and make sure I am getting better or at least seeing improvements. I recommend her highly and am so glad to have her as my naturopath. She’s the best!!”

– Christine Crowley

“Candida is compassionate and connective. Her intuitive reading opened up so much for me and I anticipate continuing to work with her.”

– R.G.

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