This is the use of water in various ways to support the vital energy of the body to heal itself. Handouts will be provided for at-home treatments. This is an amazing tool that has been used to cure the body of disease for hundreds of years. A fundamental tool passed down from teachers and elders before us. These therapies feel amazing. I am so happy to have this knowledge to offer my patients.

These constitutional treatments stimulate healing by enhancing the oxygenation and circulation of blood and lymph; by promoting better digestion of food and nutrition to the cells; by increasing the oxidation and elimination of toxins; by strengthening the general defense of the body; and by assisting in the restoration of nervous equilibrium. Patients of all ages can benefit from these treatments.

Hydrotherapy is being used to treat many acute and chronic health conditions. Please make sure you come in hydrated and prepared to hydrate post treatment. This will lessen or eliminate any detox symptoms.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy Treatment

45 Min. – $75

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Happy to offer a Superbill that you submit to your insurance for reimbursement! Researching getting on insurance panels in Maine. More to come!