Dr. Candida has a bum ankle this week. Trying to stay off of it. Therefore, I have not been working on my recipes.

The boyfriend desperately wanted pizza last night. We went to Al Forno Ferruzza but they were out of GF crusts. It was a bummer. It looked great, smelled awesome and the menu was very alternative friendly. We will go back. I will keep you posted. Next stop… pizza a go go. It’s in the neighborhood. They have an outside patio. It was a warm and balmy night. Why not!

The gluten free is also vegan. Just make sure you say no cheese. The crust was fairly thin, good texture, nice and crispy. Most I have had (except my mom’s and the GF pizza we get in Italy…YUM!) are like lead bricks.  This almost looked and tasted like a normal pizza. The sauce was a typical base. It satisfied that that wanting to get taken out for a pizza date. The ambiance and service was fine. I didn’t have the wine so  can’t comment.

Overall rating- B+ I would go back!